With all the recent storms we’ve been facing in New Orleans Homeowners experienced a wide swath of hail in many areas in the city including Metairie, Kenner, Covington, Slidell and other areas on the North Shore and South Shore of Louisiana.

Mike Richardson, a homeowner on the North Shore, only has a few more scoops of debris to collect from his yard left after the massive storms he has seen in the last few days, but he’s worried about his roof and the possibility of hail damage.

He contacted his insurance agent and the agent advice them to get his roof checked even if you don’t see any obvious damage from hail.

This is sound advice agrees Dean Riordan of Affordable Roofing, Siding & Gutters.  It’s always best to be safe when it comes to hail.

New Orleans Roof Hail Damage Info

Hail damage risk to roofs and the possible ways of minimizing it written by: rodgersm In many parts of the United States, hailstorms are just a normal of life even if they are destructive. There is nothing weird about them and more to that, its nature and human cannot control. The hailstorms are expected to hit up to six times every year in some state unexpectedly in any season especially when the temperatures are freezing. Some states like the Colorado and Texas are the hardest hit compared to the rest of the US states. But such occurrences are never a blessing to the affected residents. One thing that is common to all is, whenever a hailstorm hits, damages worth billions of dollars are recorded.

New Orleans Roof Hail Damage Repair – Free Estimates

What is damaged?
These are mostly falling materials from the sky, and the first thing that they are likely to come into contact with is your roof. In many cases, the storms will leave many residents and businesspersons counting losses from their damaged home and business roofs. But this is usually somehow tricky as the roof damage might be hard to identify and in many cases, the homeowner only discovers the damage many years down the road. The automobiles are not also spared in case a deadly storm happen to strike.

How can you identify a hail damaged roof?
Being the most affected parts area by the hailstone, roofs should be inspected immediately after the storm to determine the extent of the damage. Hails usually falls as sharp particles with the ability to tear off your roof causing possible leaks into the houses. If you happen to identify some dents on your roof, never assume them as they might result in costly damages in future. If you have installed an asphalt roof, be on the lookout for dark spots or bruises. In severe cases, there might be holes or cracks that can havoc if they are not repaired immediately.
On other types of roofs like the metal, shake or the tiles, the damages will be different depending on the roofing material. Cracked shingles, torn, or split seams are the most common way of identifying the damage extent. For perfection, it is always advisable to hire the services of a professional inspector for accurate results. Make sure that you have initiated the damage identification process immediately after the storm is over. This will guarantee accurate and precise results.

How you can cushion your properties from hail damage
With frequent occurrence of the hail damages, many insurance companies have found it wise to cushion their customers from the possible severe losses. There are plenty of insurance policies that any home or business owner can subscribe to avoid these losses. The insurer will be liable for any damages resulting from hailstorm and thus insuring your property is the best way of protecting yourself in severe cases.
So whenever a hailstorm strikes, be very keen on determining the extent of damage it has caused. It is also equally important to install a roof that can withstand severe storm without getting damaged easily. Many experts are of the view that metal roofs are the best choice for the hard-hit areas. Also insuring your property is also a fantastic idea since your financial safety will be guaranteed..